How to Turn off Promotional Messages

In this article, we will look at how to turn off promotional messages. The BTRC has come up with a way to stop all kinds of promotional sms
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In this article, we will look at how to turn off promotional messages. The BTRC has come up with a way to stop all kinds of promotional messages from telecom companies. From now on, SIM customers will be able to turn on the Do Not Disturb or DND service if they do not want to receive promotional SMS from the operator on their mobile phones.

Mobile operators send text messages to inform customers about new packages and services. Many people get annoyed by such messages frequently. However, this time the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has come up with a way to stop such messages.

Mobile operators offer promotional SMS to promote numerous services and products. In many cases, receiving promotional SMS from clients appears to be traumatic. In this example, customers can stop receiving their own promotional SMS by means of launching the Do Not Disturb (DND) carrier. BTRC has instructed mobile operators to provide SMS at the least as soon as a month regarding the launch of the Do Not Disturb (DND) service in order that clients can without difficulty avail DND carrier.

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) on Saturday(24 April, 2021) released the "Do Not Disturb" carrier to shrink promotional messages on mobile telephones.

The telecom regulator said in a statement on the day that although such messages are meant for cognizance functions, they can motive annoyance amongst cell smartphone customers.

Thus, the provider has been launched to in addition improve customer support nicely, the BTRC said.

Anyone unwilling to obtain promotional SMSs on his/her cellular can dial the following shortcode and prompt the Do Not Disturb service.

How To Turn Off Promotional SMS

Process of Availing Service: Customers are going to be ready to activate DND using service codes from operators like Grameenphone subscribers by dialing *121*1101 #, Banglalink subscribers by dialing *121*8*6# and Robi subscribers by dialing *7#.

How To stop Grameenphone Promotional Messages

Grameenphone users can close the promotional message by dialing *121*1101#. If you want to re-activate the promotional message service or need to know any promotional message then dial this USSD code *121*1102#.
Even after dialing this code, if you continue to receive annoying messages, call Customer Care. They will turn off promotional message options.

How to Stop Banglalink Promotional SMS

Banglalink users can turn off the offer message option by sending a message. To turn off Banglalink SIM offer message-

  • By dialing *121*8*6#
  • Or,
  • Go to the message option and type OFF
  • Then send a message to 6121

There is no charge for your SIM for sending this message.

Turn off Robi SIM promotional messages

To stop annoying promotional messages on Robi SIM - first dial *7# code, then reply by typing 2. This will stop getting annoying messages from your Robi SIM. Similarly, if you answer by dialing *7# and typing 1, all the promotional messages on Robi SIM will be restarted.

How to Stop Promotional Messages in Airtel

As many of you know, Airtel and Robi are now owned and operated together. Thus, the promotional messages received on Airtel SIM are often blocked by the above-mentioned Robi SIM promotional messages. That is - first dial the code *7#, then type 2 and reply. Similarly, if you reply by dialing *7# and typing 1, all the promotional messages of Airtel SIM will be reactivated.

Block Teletalk SIM offer Message

Teletalk does not send too many promotional messages on the SIM. Teletalk's promotional messages are usually very useful because Teletalk customers can buy voice calls and data at a much lower cost. However, you may have complaints about their network.
After all, if you are a Teletalk user, I would like to tell you, until the day this post was published, BTRC did not introduce any rule to stop Teletalk offer SMS.

Operator USSD Code
Grameenphone *121*1101#
Banglalink *121*8*6#
Robi *7#
Airtel *7#

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